Analysis on the Demand and Opportunity of Domestic Low

Analysis on the Demand and Opportunity of Domestic Low – end Punch In 2012 the international punch market continues to show varying degrees of recovery, China’s punch tool exports to emerging markets products rose steadily custom metal fabrication. Ministry of Industry and the responsible person said that the current rapid growth of investment in the press tool industry mixed, we must continue to strengthen product structure adjustment.

Meanwhile, the 2011 import and export of punch tool industry to further widen the deficit to the highest in history, a substantial deficit can not be ignored. In the upgrading of products, new product research and development, a large number of punch manufacturing enterprises have achieved good results, not only to China’s large-scale CNC milling machine boring the development of international advanced level, and high-end equipment in the international market accounted for a place, After more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, China’s industrial economy has reached a turning point on the way forward Steel structure machine. It must abandon the inefficient extensive operation and the development road which consumes raw materials and energy at the expense of the environment. To take the road of environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

This change of the external environment, punch tool industry will bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges, allowing enterprises to think about the future survival and development of the road. At the same time, the punch industry to achieve significant progress in industrial restructuring, high-end services in high-end users punch in short supply. Punch tool market structure to accelerate the upgrading of imports, CNC punch press a new record high hydraulic press, while the domestic demand for low-end punch products significantly reduced.

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