Current axis Included position ABSOT Workpiece offset

set Not included Enabled ABSIO endpoint


#5021 to #5035

Current axis Machine position coordinate ABSMT system Disabled

#5041 to #5055

Current axis Included position ABSOT Workpiece offset

#5061 to #5075

busbar Machine

Skip signal





( 2)


#5081 to #5095

tool offset value

( 3)


Amount of

#5101 to cnc shearing machine #5115


servo position

( 1 )

Each range of variable numbers is for 1 to 15 axes The first number is for the


the second number is for the Y-axis, the third number is for the Z-axis, the fourth

number is for the fourth axis, and so on up to the 15th axis possible

( 2 )

During the execution of the G31 skip function, the range of variables #5061 to


holds the tool position where the skip function is turned on If the skip function is

not turned on, this range of variables holds the end point of the specified block

( 3 )

Note that the tool offset value range of #5081 to #5095 represents the current tool

offset value, rather than the last value

( 4 )

Read operation during a tool movement can be enabled or disabled

In disabled mode, buffering takes place and the expected values cannot be read

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Dur ing CNC ma chin ing Dished Head Punching Machine in AUTO mode, the op er a tor de cides whether and when to use the var i –

ous over rides avail able on the ma chine operation panel Overrides in clude the Feedrate Over ride,

Feedhold, Spin dle Speed Over ride and Sin gle Block With the ex cep tion of the Spin dle Speed Over ride, all other func tions can be con trolled by macro and made ef fec tive or not ef fec tive In ad –

di tion, the macro can also con trol the Ex act Stop angle cutting machine Check mode and some wait code sig nals

Controlling Automatic Operations

Sys tem vari ables #3003, #3004 and #3005 are used to con trol the state of var i ous au to matic op er a tions All these vari ables use a bi nary for mat in dif fer ent com bi na tions (0

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