Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry Development

Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry At present, the domestic punch press manufacturers of the basic characteristics of the punch there are two, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and the table of the arch and the elastic elongation of the rack; and lateral rigidity – eccentric load Horizontal shift of the lower slider. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor. The accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristics of the motion profile. So to improve these characteristics drilling machinery, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved.

These characteristics of the punch must be taken into consideration when the press is selected in accordance with the forming method, the forming speed, and the productivity. Depending on the drive mechanism, the mechanical presses are: the most widely used crank press in stamping, the slowest toggle press near the bottom dead center, and the slow speed of the slider above the bottom dead center And has a high torque capacity of the connecting rod punch hydraulic busbar punching machine. In the case of forging presses, the crankshaft type punching machine is used in the case of forging productivity, and the toggle type punching press is used in the vicinity of the bottom dead center. If it is necessary to form or block forging at a high position, punch. In order to achieve non-cutting forming, the function of the punch is getting higher and higher. Stamping machinery is the development trend of high precision steel fabrication, high rigidity, the characteristics of the slider movement, intelligent, multi-directional movement, and even the direction of environmental protection.

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