Does precision forging equipment affect the accuracy of the noise?

Precision punch noise According to the type of noise generated can be divided into no-load noise and load noise. No-load noise is high-speed punch without the material running noise, which contains the motor noise, the impact of running parts of the impact of noise, clutch and gear collision noise. One of the most important source of noise is the impact of clutch and gear noise. Load noise is a high-speed press punching products generated when the noise, in the same high-speed press on the use of different stamping process (such as punching, drawing, bending) processing the same material noise is not the same. Precision punch motor noise. As a power source, the noise generated when the motor running, including motor windings of electromagnetic noise, aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise. Motor noise level is mainly the size of the motor power angle iron drill, speed. Electromagnetic noise of the motor, is generally caused by alternating electromagnetic field interaction excitation of the rotor and stator vibration.

Electromagnetic noise is usually high-frequency noise. Clutch noise. When the clutch is closed, the general high-speed punch will have a ‘jingle’ sound. This is the intermittent sound generated by the impact of the slider, the inertia of the connecting rod in the reciprocating motion and the centrifugal force of the rotational quality of the crankshaft. Clutch noise generated by the main factors are: Clutch closed by the size of the impulse, in a certain state of quality depends on the speed of high-speed punch impact speed; also contact with the stiffness and damping characteristics of the material itself. Clutch has two kinds of rigid and friction type, which friction in the small tonnage high-speed punch on the most widely used, the noise is generally high Laser Cutting Robot, the noise is caused by a series of collisions. Noise of running parts of precision punching machine. There are three pairs of friction pairs in the high-speed punch’s crank-connecting rod slide structure: connecting rod small head (ball head) and slider ball head seat; crankshaft journal and crankshaft tile; crank neck and connecting rod big bearing CNC Busbar Punching Machine. Due to production and commissioning errors and practical needs, there is a gap between the necessity of these components. The relative movement between components, from free movement to contact movement, inevitably bring collision, the greater the gap, the stronger the noise. In addition, the gap is fixed, the slider stroke the greater the number, the greater the noise. The aerodynamic noise of the motor is typically the cooling fan noise, which is the main noise source for most motors. High-speed punch mechanical noise mainly contains some rotating parts of the unbalanced force excitation generated noise and vibration generated when some parts of the noise.

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