Duration of this motion is 15 seconds

Duration of this motion is 15 seconds

N999 (THIS MUST BE AN EMPTY BLOCK) An empty block to prevent look-ahead !!!

#104 = [#3002-#100]*3600

Returns calculation of 45631993 (seconds)


Temporary stop to check variables


busbar Machine

End of program


Note the blocks N999 and the at tached com ment Since the con trol is in the look-ahead mode, it

cal cu lates the fi nal value pre ma turely The empty block guar an tees ac cu rate cal cu lated value

Dwell as a Macro

Al though the dwell func tion G04 can be used much more ef fi ciently in the ma jor ity of pro –

grams, the dwell may also be pro grammed with a macro, us ing the sys tem vari able #3001 For

ex am ple, G04 P5000 (a five sec ond dwell) is equiv a lent to the fol low ing macro (and its call):


Macro call:

G65 P8018 T5000

T=#20 can be any other local variable (T is in ms)


Macro definition:


#3001 = 0

Set system variable for timer to zero

WHILE[#3001 LE #20] DO1

Loop until #3001 reaches the set delay


Loop end


Macro end


Note that even with the WHILE loop in ef fect, there is no automatic punching machine need to pro gram a coun ter, since the

sys tem vari able #3001 is al ways count ing

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Dur ing ma chin ing, the cut ting tool lo ca tion changes con stantly Look ing at the con trol Po si tion

dis play screen, the cur rent tool lo ca tion can eas ily be viewed at any time There are sev eral ways

of look ing at the displayed data, for ex am ple, the view may show the cur rent ab so lute po si tion of

the tool (from pro gram zero), busbar punching machine or the ma chine po si tion of the tool (from ma chine zero) – they are

just two pos si ble op tions Con trol sys tem keeps track of all po si tion re lated tool copper busbar machine data, called the

axis po si tion in for ma tion They are de scribed in this chap ter

Axis Position Terms

Fanuc uses sev eral ab bre vi a tions that ap pear in the ref er ence man ual They should be fa mil ia

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