How to improve the laser cutting rate?

Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, can greatly reduce the processing time, low processing costs cnc machining china, improve the quality of the workpiece. In order to further increase the laser cutting rate, according to the atmospheric dynamics, under the conditions of increasing the nozzle pressure does not occur positive shock wave, imagine the production of a scaled nozzle, that Laval (Laval) nozzle. To facilitate the production of the layout can be used. The laser core of the University of Hannover, Germany, uses a 500 W CO2 laser with a lens focal length of 2.5 °. The experiments were performed using a small orifice nozzle and a Laval nozzle. Respectively, suggesting that NO2, NO4, NO5 nozzles in the different oxygen pressure, the rough outline roughness Rz and cutting rate Vc as a function of the relationship. It can be seen from the NO2 nozzle in the Pn 400Kpa (or 4bar) when the cutting rate can only reach 2.75m / min (carbon steel plate thickness of 2mm). NO4, NO5 two Laval nozzle in the Pn 500Kpa to 600Kpa when the cutting rate can reach 3.5m / min and 5.5m / min. It should be noted that the cutting pressure Pc is still a function of the distance of the workpiece from the nozzle Welding Roller Stand.


Technical knowledge Because the oblique shock waves in the airflow of the multiple reflection best mill drill, the cutting pressure was cyclical changes. The first high cutting pressure zone is close to the nozzle outlet, the distance from the workpiece profile to the nozzle outlet is about 0 busbar machines.5-1.5mm, and the cutting pressure Pc is large and constant. It is the commonly used process parameter in the industry. The second high-cutting pressure zone is about 3 to 3.5 mm at the nozzle outlet, and the cutting pressure Pc is also large. As a result, good results are obtained, and the protection lens is improved and the service life thereof is improved. Other high-pressure cutting areas on the curve are too far away from the nozzle exit and are difficult to match with the focusing beam. In summary, CO2 laser cutting machine technology is China’s industrial production in more and more use, foreign research is to develop a higher cutting speed and thicker plate cutting technology and installation.

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