IPM punch press installs the security protection the merit

Punching the benefits of installing safety devices:

1. To adapt to the security inspection departments at all levels of the relevant laws and the relevant provisions of the insurance sector;

2. Installation of ordinary punch security protection can make a good safe production environment, enhance the security benefits;

3. Installation of ordinary punch safety protection can be exempted from the operating machinery, three-risk, to reduce the incidence of emergencies;

4. related to the large number of procurement, as well as the user’s polished fruit and identification of the necessary facilities (to install the security protection required courses stamping special equipment, many well-known enterprises)

IPM company, specializing in the production of punch, rear punch, plate welding machine, punch tilt, 16 to 125 tons of ordinary punch and special shape of the press, press accessories and shears and other products. Our punching machine is widely used in machinery, equipment, hardware, automobile, light industry, bearing industry, such as punching, blanking, shearing, shallow drawing, bending, stamping and other work.

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