Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry Development

Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry Development Trend of Domestic Punch Industry At present, the domestic punch press manufacturers of the basic characteristics of the punch there are two, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and the table of the arch and the elastic elongation of the rack; and lateral rigidity – eccentric load Horizontal shift of the lower slider. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor. The accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristics of the motion profile. So to improve these characteristics drilling machinery, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved.

These characteristics of the punch must be taken into consideration when the press is selected in accordance with the forming method, the forming speed, and the productivity. Depending on the drive mechanism, the mechanical presses are: the most widely used crank press in stamping, the slowest toggle press near the bottom dead center, and the slow speed of the slider above the bottom dead center And has a high torque capacity of the connecting rod punch hydraulic busbar punching machine. In the case of forging presses, the crankshaft type punching machine is used in the case of forging productivity, and the toggle type punching press is used in the vicinity of the bottom dead center. If it is necessary to form or block forging at a high position, punch. In order to achieve non-cutting forming, the function of the punch is getting higher and higher. Stamping machinery is the development trend of high precision steel fabrication, high rigidity, the characteristics of the slider movement, intelligent, multi-directional movement, and even the direction of environmental protection.

Analysis on the Demand and Opportunity of Domestic Low

Analysis on the Demand and Opportunity of Domestic Low – end Punch In 2012 the international punch market continues to show varying degrees of recovery, China’s punch tool exports to emerging markets products rose steadily custom metal fabrication. Ministry of Industry and the responsible person said that the current rapid growth of investment in the press tool industry mixed, we must continue to strengthen product structure adjustment.

Meanwhile, the 2011 import and export of punch tool industry to further widen the deficit to the highest in history, a substantial deficit can not be ignored. In the upgrading of products, new product research and development, a large number of punch manufacturing enterprises have achieved good results, not only to China’s large-scale CNC milling machine boring the development of international advanced level, and high-end equipment in the international market accounted for a place, After more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, China’s industrial economy has reached a turning point on the way forward Steel structure machine. It must abandon the inefficient extensive operation and the development road which consumes raw materials and energy at the expense of the environment. To take the road of environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

This change of the external environment, punch tool industry will bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges, allowing enterprises to think about the future survival and development of the road. At the same time, the punch industry to achieve significant progress in industrial restructuring, high-end services in high-end users punch in short supply. Punch tool market structure to accelerate the upgrading of imports, CNC punch press a new record high hydraulic press, while the domestic demand for low-end punch products significantly reduced.

the sheet metal machine has been widely used cnc tools

Jiangmen punch, pneumatic punch, Jiangmen punch use Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangmen Office of the main production and sale of various types of presses. The main products are: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press. 1, precision punch with manual, electric, hydraulic transmission in various forms. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, terminals, switches, plugs, antennas, watches, umbrellas, plastic and other precision parts manufacturing or assembly. 2, Pneumatic Punch Widely used in small parts of the press, molding, assembly cnc machines for sale, riveting, printing, punching, cutting, bending and other light load precision requirements.

3, sheet metal punch on the workpiece adaptability, high precision machining, improve productivity and so on, so the numerical control technology in the sheet metal machine has been widely used cnc tools, it solves the sheet metal processing in the high precision parts, shape Complex, large batch and other issues. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition drilling holes on H beams. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake customer needs to the special specifications of products.

the product of these strengths custom metal fabrication

Shantou punch manufacturers, Zhanjiang punch equipment – co-forging In the national production, stamping process because of the traditional mechanical processing for saving data and power drilling metal, high efficiency, less demanding on the operator’s skill and can be made through the use of various types of machining tooling Can not reach the product of these strengths custom metal fabrication, so its usefulness more and more common. Stamping production is mainly for the plate. Can be over the mold, can do blanking, punching, forming, drawing, finishing, fine blanking, plastic, riveting and extrusion parts, etc., are widely used in various fields.

If we use the switches and sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missiles aircraft have a lot of accessories can be produced through the die punch out. Zhanjiang punch equipment – IPM mainly produces: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake special needs of customers specifications products drilling stainless steel.

Precision punching maintenance works

Each use 1500-2000 hours of maintenance should perform the project: 1. Testing and adjustment of oil discharge quantity and pressure detection function of lubricating grease. 2. Air system filters, oilers, pressure regulating valve and other functions and water, impurities of the test, inspection and necessary adjustments. 3. Air pressure switch set value check and pressure detection function test and adjustment. 4. Check and adjust the setting value check and measured value of mold high indication switch axis drilling machine. 5. Modulus of high gear adjustment device sprocket, chain, drive shaft, worm, worm and other parts without loosening, abnormal and chain tension check and adjustment.

6. Gear box top cover removal, internal parts wear and key loosening status of the inspection, and oil chamber cleaning, lubricating oil and operating conditions, noise, vibration test check. 7. Transmission system of various parts of the fuel injection point of the spit out of oil and pressure testing and adjustment. 8. The brake mechanism, the brake angle, the brake gap and to make the film wear test, check and the necessary adjustments. 9. Slide the guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface inspection beam fabrication, if necessary, make adjustments, correction. 10. Flywheel bearings and other manual lubrication to add grease and piping, joints and other checks. 11. Balancing cylinder operating conditions and its oil lubrication system, such as oil, joints, testing, inspection.

12. Motor circuit and electrical operating circuit insulation resistance of the test and inspection. 13. Machine accuracy (vertical copper bending machine, parallel, integrated gap, etc.) test, if necessary, adjust the correction. 14. The appearance and accessories of the precision presses are to be inspected for cleanliness, inspection and mechanical footing (basic). The tightening and tightening of screws and nuts shall be checked and adjusted as necessary. 15. Lubrication to the oil system of the pump, piping, distribution valve, such as cleaning and maintenance inspection. 16. Air system of pneumatic components, piping and other clean maintenance and action test check.


Precision punching clutch running principle is: when the clutch oblique keys in the spring under the action of the flywheel into the corresponding wedge-shaped keyway to achieve the drive joints. In actual operation, the clutch control brake by opening and closing of the slider to determine the trip, the brake release, the punch cam mechanism began to work, the slider down, when any point brake tightened, the cam-controlled The axis will get an empty trip, the slider picks up. Precision punch press is an important part of the precision punching machine, which is installed between the flywheel and the crankshaft of the punch press plate Drilling Machine. The clutch and the brake are synchronized during the operation.

That is, the clutch is actuated, the brake is released, the clutch is released. Sub-action, brake lock. The clutch shaft comprises a clutch main body, a clutch oblique key, a clutch lever and a gland Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate, wherein the rotary shaft of the clutch oblique key and the clutch lever are respectively installed in the shaft hole of the clutch main body and the gland, The hook-like projections of the clutch slanted keys are opposed to the positions of the short arms of the clutch lever, and compression springs are provided in the spring holes of the bent column walls of the clutch body marking machine.

Precision high-speed press overload pump

Precision high-speed punch overload pump, for precision punch overload pump do not know if we have not learned in our usual work for the understanding of precision high-speed punch must be more welding of steel pipe, so that our usual work is very useful Ring Drilling Machine. Precision punch overload pump is one of its core components, which can detect the internal solenoid valve through the hydraulic cylinder pressure drill machine, when the pressure is insufficient, can quickly make up and maintain the normal high-speed stamping pressure; when the overload situation can be instant Release the pressure to protect the press mechanism and die life. Precision Punch Overload pump has the protection of mold, emergency stop in critical situations, card mode from the time to reduce the connection gap, sensing eccentric load and other five functions.

To use a good high-speed precision punching, to understand the working principle of overload pump is essential, my company in its machinery to do a detailed description: In this case, The actual use of precision high-speed presses, the overload pump on the pressure switch connected (ON), so that our high-precision presses in the state can be run. Indicates that there is overload protection, can be stamping. After the pump starts, due to the role of the initial pressure, overload the main valve to the right direction slightly. In this case, High-speed precision press cylinder oil pressure rose to set pressure above, the main valve to overcome the spring force to move to the right, open the main valve seal will be sent back to the high-pressure oil tank.

Does precision forging equipment affect the accuracy of the noise?

Precision punch noise According to the type of noise generated can be divided into no-load noise and load noise. No-load noise is high-speed punch without the material running noise, which contains the motor noise, the impact of running parts of the impact of noise, clutch and gear collision noise. One of the most important source of noise is the impact of clutch and gear noise. Load noise is a high-speed press punching products generated when the noise, in the same high-speed press on the use of different stamping process (such as punching, drawing, bending) processing the same material noise is not the same. Precision punch motor noise. As a power source, the noise generated when the motor running, including motor windings of electromagnetic noise, aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise. Motor noise level is mainly the size of the motor power angle iron drill, speed. Electromagnetic noise of the motor, is generally caused by alternating electromagnetic field interaction excitation of the rotor and stator vibration.

Electromagnetic noise is usually high-frequency noise. Clutch noise. When the clutch is closed, the general high-speed punch will have a ‘jingle’ sound. This is the intermittent sound generated by the impact of the slider, the inertia of the connecting rod in the reciprocating motion and the centrifugal force of the rotational quality of the crankshaft. Clutch noise generated by the main factors are: Clutch closed by the size of the impulse, in a certain state of quality depends on the speed of high-speed punch impact speed; also contact with the stiffness and damping characteristics of the material itself. Clutch has two kinds of rigid and friction type, which friction in the small tonnage high-speed punch on the most widely used, the noise is generally high Laser Cutting Robot, the noise is caused by a series of collisions. Noise of running parts of precision punching machine. There are three pairs of friction pairs in the high-speed punch’s crank-connecting rod slide structure: connecting rod small head (ball head) and slider ball head seat; crankshaft journal and crankshaft tile; crank neck and connecting rod big bearing CNC Busbar Punching Machine. Due to production and commissioning errors and practical needs, there is a gap between the necessity of these components. The relative movement between components, from free movement to contact movement, inevitably bring collision, the greater the gap, the stronger the noise. In addition, the gap is fixed, the slider stroke the greater the number, the greater the noise. The aerodynamic noise of the motor is typically the cooling fan noise, which is the main noise source for most motors. High-speed punch mechanical noise mainly contains some rotating parts of the unbalanced force excitation generated noise and vibration generated when some parts of the noise.

Chōngchuáng qīngzhòng liào jià de tèsè shénme zài zhòngxíng jīchuáng yǒuxiàn gōngsī ————— chōngchuáng qīngzhòng liào jià de tèsè shénme zài zhòngxíng jīchuáng yǒuxiàn gōngsī shíhòu rényuán de bùtóng zài zhè liǎng zhǒng yuánliào de kuàngjià de tèdiǎn shì gěi dàzhòng zuò xiān róng. Qīng zhì cáiliào de jīguān tèdiǎn: Zhòngxíng cáiliào de jiégòu tèdiǎn: 1, Héyòng yú gè shì liào hòu liào jià; kěyòng yú yǔ jiǎo zhí jī hézuò, kěyòng yú wú diànyuán; zuìdà hèzǎi kěyǐ dìnggòu 30 dūn; dà 1800 háomǐ kuān de kě dìngzhì. 2, Zhòng de jī jià rùkǒu diàncí jiāoshǒu qì hé diànzǐ yuánjiàn, zhì ài shǎo, shòumìng zhǎng. 2, Zhòng de jī jià rùkǒu diàncí jiēchù qì hé diànzǐ yuánjiàn, gùzhàng shǎo, shòumìng zhǎng. 3, Shìyòng yú gè zhǒng diào pán wènjuàn de shùjù jiēshōu hé fāsòng, jīnshǔ hé fēi jīnshǔ cáiliào. Kě ānzhuāng diànjī, duì héhuǒ qǐyè de jìn liào zhuāngzhì. Kě pèibèi diànjī, duì hézī qǐyè de jìn liào zhuāngzhì. 4, Yīgè kě tiáoyǎng de zhì dòng zhuāngzhì, zhǔzhóu de gèngjiā xíng, xiànquān jiāng gèngjiā chàngtōng, hé qí fùzǎi de kuòzhǎn. 5, Yóu yōuzhì gāngbǎn hànjiē, biànjí, qiángdù hǎo, cháng fēnqū zhóuchéng zhījià. Hǎoduō shìqíng wǒmen shēngyá zài rú bēi de bǎocún, chúguì shì yóu 0 chōngyā fēnmiǎn chūlái de, yīncǐ yánlùn zuò chōngchuáng chéngxíng shì hěn wéijí de. Běnwén de yánjiū láodòng hé chōngyā, zhìmì shēn chōngyā chéngxíng jīngguò de gēnyuán de kànfǎ, rènshíle tiānrán fǎzé de xíngchéng guòchéng, bìng shǐyòng gè zhǒng chōngyā shēngchǎn de chéngfá shíshī tímù dì shǎnxiàn. Zài chōngyā chéngxíng jíxiàn de yánjiū fāyáng shì chāoyuè dà de, hé yánjiū fāngfǎ de chābié tèdiǎn. Bùguò, cóng chōngyā yīdào gōngzuò kěyǐ fēn wéi dǐxia de shìlì xìng. The characteristics of the punching machine are what weighs on heavy machine tools

Features of Heavy and Duty Racks What is the difference between the personnel in the case of heavy machine tools Co., Ltd. The characteristics of the two raw materials in the framework is to give the public a presentation.

Lightweight materials of the agency features:

Heavy-duty structural features:

1, for all kinds of material thick frame; can be used with the straightening machine, can be used without power supply; maximum load can order 30 tons; large 1800 mm wide can be customized.

2, the weight of the rack entry electromagnetic hand device and electronic components, hinder the small, long life.

2, the weight of the rack inlet electromagnetic contactors and electronic components, less failure, long life.

3, for a variety of dial-up questionnaire data to receive and send, metal and non-metallic materials.
Can be installed on the motor, the feeding device of the partnership. Can be equipped with motor, feeding device for the joint venture.

4, an adjustable brakes, the spindle of the more type, the coil will be more smooth, and its load expansion.

5, welded by high-quality steel, all over, good strength, long partition bearing bracket.

A lot of things like our cup of life, the cupboard is stamping out by 0 stamping, so the remarks made punching is very critical. This paper examines the roots of labor and stamping, dense deep drawing through the perception of the formation of natural laws, and uses a variety of stamping production punishments to implement the subject’s flash.

In the study of stamping forming limit is beyond the big, and research methods of different characteristics. However, working from stamping can be divided into the following example.

IPM punch press installs the security protection the merit

Punching the benefits of installing safety devices:

1. To adapt to the security inspection departments at all levels of the relevant laws and the relevant provisions of the insurance sector;

2. Installation of ordinary punch security protection can make a good safe production environment, enhance the security benefits;

3. Installation of ordinary punch safety protection can be exempted from the operating machinery, three-risk, to reduce the incidence of emergencies;

4. related to the large number of procurement, as well as the user’s polished fruit and identification of the necessary facilities (to install the security protection required courses stamping special equipment, many well-known enterprises)

IPM company, specializing in the production of punch, rear punch, plate welding machine, punch tilt, 16 to 125 tons of ordinary punch and special shape of the press, press accessories and shears and other products. Our punching machine is widely used in machinery, equipment, hardware, automobile, light industry, bearing industry, such as punching, blanking, shearing, shallow drawing, bending, stamping and other work.

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