Talking about the Fine Operation Procedure in NC Punch Punching

CNC punch processing in the fine do

① coordinates boast. Can inquire at the moment in the CNC punch press coordinate system and punch manufacturers in the functional coordinate system of fame, understanding of this approach section of the amount of exercise, but also how much profit the amount of exercise and so on.

② register warm register display. Can be seen in the state of instruction block and the next block of Zhengzhou punch the nature of the next paragraph.

③ main program and subroutine. You can see the details of the sections being extended.

When the tool enters the workpiece profile 30-50mm, it must be under the feed protection to verify whether the coordinate power of the Z axis and the coordinate value of the X and Y axes are related to the pattern.

On a little knife with a test request, to take “progressive” measures. Such as Chung hole, you can first test a short length of the key, after passing the test, and then Chung to the full length. Application Tool radius compensation achievements of the tool data, from small to large, edge trimming tampering.
Try cutting and processing, sharpening tools and tool aids, must be re-measured from scratch and Henan punch to modify the knife compensation value and the knife number.

Program search should be careful cursor position is reasonable, conclusive, and observe the coordinates of the tool and CNC punch movement direction is correct.

Program modifications, the modification of one-sided intention to deliberate and deliberately check. Handwheel and manual feed, you must check that the position selected by the override switch is correct, check the positive and negative direction, check the button, and then perform the operation.

High – speed punch operating inertia force

When the inertia force generated by the crank slider mechanism is much larger than that of the conventional punching machine, the high-speed punching machine operates so that the high-speed punching machine generates vibration noise pollution and reduces the forming precision of the stamped parts. Therefore, the high-speed punch inertial force balance is very important.

After careful study found that Jinde in the slider rail vertical force and horizontal force and force on the crankshaft bearing end performance is the high-speed press punch inertia force generated vibration. In general, the inertial force amplitude than the slider weight 20 times, so the punch vertical inertia force is greater than the total weight of the punch, so the large inertia force, the normal stamping production punch can have a very serious impact.

In order to reduce the inertia force, increase the inertial force balance effect, reduce the quality of rotating parts and reciprocating motion. Since the high-speed reciprocating slide block is the main source of inertial force, the slider mass design is as small as possible while ensuring strength. The dynamic balance device adopts advanced, adjustable, easy to maintain four points.

Due to the inertia force of the high-speed punch too, it’s too large, the slider speed is too high, the pneumatic seal can not afford, the upper and lower chambers of the dynamic balancing cylinder need frequent exhaust, no suitable pneumatic valve to meet the fast Switching frequency, therefore, the inertial force balance method can not be used for high-speed presses.

The inertia force of the crank slider mechanism consists of three parts: the centrifugal inertia force generated by the rotation of the crankshaft, the reciprocating inertia force generated by the reciprocating motion of the sliding block and the inertia force generated by the planar motion of the connecting rod. The inertial forces generated by the plane motion of the connecting rods are the most complex. This project converted the mass equivalent to the hinge point of the connecting rod and the crank pin according to the static equivalent condition using a double mass substitution method, and then combined the rotary inertia force with the crankshaft. In addition, the project is also equipped with a special dynamic vibration protection device, combined with spring to prevent vibration of the news.

Supply and maintenance of cutting fluid for three – dimensional CNC drilling machine

The daily maintenance of the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine is to extend the life of the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine components and parts wear cycle to prevent a variety of failures and improve the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine MTBF and service life.The following article briefly describes the three- CNC drilling fluid cutting fluid supply maintenance:
1. Regular cleaning of pumps, filters, cutting fluid tank.
2. Check the cutting fluid pipe, nozzle is smooth, with or without leakage.
3. Replace the cutting fluid periodically.
4. Regularly check the cutting fluid concentration and pH.
Maintenance work in your insistence, if staff perseverance, will be able to use in the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine to get significant results.

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