Precision high-speed press overload pump

Precision high-speed punch overload pump, for precision punch overload pump do not know if we have not learned in our usual work for the understanding of precision high-speed punch must be more welding of steel pipe, so that our usual work is very useful Ring Drilling Machine. Precision punch overload pump is one of its core components, which can detect the internal solenoid valve through the hydraulic cylinder pressure drill machine, when the pressure is insufficient, can quickly make up and maintain the normal high-speed stamping pressure; when the overload situation can be instant Release the pressure to protect the press mechanism and die life. Precision Punch Overload pump has the protection of mold, emergency stop in critical situations, card mode from the time to reduce the connection gap, sensing eccentric load and other five functions.

To use a good high-speed precision punching, to understand the working principle of overload pump is essential, my company in its machinery to do a detailed description: In this case, The actual use of precision high-speed presses, the overload pump on the pressure switch connected (ON), so that our high-precision presses in the state can be run. Indicates that there is overload protection, can be stamping. After the pump starts, due to the role of the initial pressure, overload the main valve to the right direction slightly. In this case, High-speed precision press cylinder oil pressure rose to set pressure above, the main valve to overcome the spring force to move to the right, open the main valve seal will be sent back to the high-pressure oil tank.

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