Precision punching maintenance works

Each use 1500-2000 hours of maintenance should perform the project: 1. Testing and adjustment of oil discharge quantity and pressure detection function of lubricating grease. 2. Air system filters, oilers, pressure regulating valve and other functions and water, impurities of the test, inspection and necessary adjustments. 3. Air pressure switch set value check and pressure detection function test and adjustment. 4. Check and adjust the setting value check and measured value of mold high indication switch axis drilling machine. 5. Modulus of high gear adjustment device sprocket, chain, drive shaft, worm, worm and other parts without loosening, abnormal and chain tension check and adjustment.

6. Gear box top cover removal, internal parts wear and key loosening status of the inspection, and oil chamber cleaning, lubricating oil and operating conditions, noise, vibration test check. 7. Transmission system of various parts of the fuel injection point of the spit out of oil and pressure testing and adjustment. 8. The brake mechanism, the brake angle, the brake gap and to make the film wear test, check and the necessary adjustments. 9. Slide the guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface inspection beam fabrication, if necessary, make adjustments, correction. 10. Flywheel bearings and other manual lubrication to add grease and piping, joints and other checks. 11. Balancing cylinder operating conditions and its oil lubrication system, such as oil, joints, testing, inspection.

12. Motor circuit and electrical operating circuit insulation resistance of the test and inspection. 13. Machine accuracy (vertical copper bending machine, parallel, integrated gap, etc.) test, if necessary, adjust the correction. 14. The appearance and accessories of the precision presses are to be inspected for cleanliness, inspection and mechanical footing (basic). The tightening and tightening of screws and nuts shall be checked and adjusted as necessary. 15. Lubrication to the oil system of the pump, piping, distribution valve, such as cleaning and maintenance inspection. 16. Air system of pneumatic components, piping and other clean maintenance and action test check.

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