Precision punching clutch running principle is: when the clutch oblique keys in the spring under the action of the flywheel into the corresponding wedge-shaped keyway to achieve the drive joints. In actual operation, the clutch control brake by opening and closing of the slider to determine the trip, the brake release, the punch cam mechanism began to work, the slider down, when any point brake tightened, the cam-controlled The axis will get an empty trip, the slider picks up. Precision punch press is an important part of the precision punching machine, which is installed between the flywheel and the crankshaft of the punch press plate Drilling Machine. The clutch and the brake are synchronized during the operation.

That is, the clutch is actuated, the brake is released, the clutch is released. Sub-action, brake lock. The clutch shaft comprises a clutch main body, a clutch oblique key, a clutch lever and a gland Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate, wherein the rotary shaft of the clutch oblique key and the clutch lever are respectively installed in the shaft hole of the clutch main body and the gland, The hook-like projections of the clutch slanted keys are opposed to the positions of the short arms of the clutch lever, and compression springs are provided in the spring holes of the bent column walls of the clutch body marking machine.

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