stead of an alarm insituations

stead of an alarm insituations that are not wrong, but when the op er a tor should Drilling Machine for Plate be warned or oth –

er wise in formed of an im por tant issue

For ex am ple, the fol low ing pro gram uses ar gu ment D (#7) as clear ance amount:

G65 P8016 D15

Macro call (D = #7 – is clearance amount)

In the macro body, the sys tem vari able #3006 is pro grammed in a for mat sim i lar to the alarm

vari able, but with a different number:

busbar Machine


IF [#7 LT 20] GOTO101

N100 GOTO9999


N9999 M99


When the pro gram mes sage is ac ti vated, the CYCLE START light of the con trol will be turned

off and the mes sage will ap pear on the screen When the CNC op er a tor presses the CYCLE START

but ton again, the part pro gram pro cess ing will con tinue No re set is nec es sary in this case and

there is no need to press the RESET but ton – it will ac tu ally be a coun ter pro duc tive ef fort, as it

would can cel pro gram execution Watch the flow of the macro here – the pro gram may be con –

structed in such a way that the by pass block may not be needed, even if the con di tion is true

Use the mes sage vari able spar Dished Head Punching Machine ingly This is an ex am ple when the pro gram mer is giv ing up cer –

tain con trol over the pro gram and leaves it in the hands of the CNC ma chine op er a tor

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Timers in Macros

In the last sec tion of this chap ter, the topic covers strictly pro gram ma ble tim ers, not tim ers re –

lated to hard ware set tings in the ser vice or main te nance sense There are sev eral sys tem vari ables

avail able on Fanuc con trols re lat ing to timers Ba si Angle Punching cally, these vari ables cover the in for ma tion

about the date and time, and sev eral other op tions for tim ing var i ous events

Time Information

Sys tem vari ables #3001, #3002, #3011, and #3012 re late to the var i ous time data Time in –

for ma tion may be read as well as writ ten

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