Talking about the Fine Operation Procedure in NC Punch Punching

CNC punch processing in the fine do

① coordinates boast. Can inquire at the moment in the CNC punch press coordinate system and punch manufacturers in the functional coordinate system of fame, understanding of this approach section of the amount of exercise, but also how much profit the amount of exercise and so on.

② register warm register display. Can be seen in the state of instruction block and the next block of Zhengzhou punch the nature of the next paragraph.

③ main program and subroutine. You can see the details of the sections being extended.

When the tool enters the workpiece profile 30-50mm, it must be under the feed protection to verify whether the coordinate power of the Z axis and the coordinate value of the X and Y axes are related to the pattern.

On a little knife with a test request, to take “progressive” measures. Such as Chung hole, you can first test a short length of the key, after passing the test, and then Chung to the full length. Application Tool radius compensation achievements of the tool data, from small to large, edge trimming tampering.
Try cutting and processing, sharpening tools and tool aids, must be re-measured from scratch and Henan punch to modify the knife compensation value and the knife number.

Program search should be careful cursor position is reasonable, conclusive, and observe the coordinates of the tool and CNC punch movement direction is correct.

Program modifications, the modification of one-sided intention to deliberate and deliberately check. Handwheel and manual feed, you must check that the position selected by the override switch is correct, check the positive and negative direction, check the button, and then perform the operation.

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