This is a millisecond timing variable

to (Read & Write or R/W)

Variable Number Description

This is a millisecond timing variable, with

the count of one millisecond at a time The


counting starts from zero when the power is

busbar Machine

turned on, and continues up to 655350

milliseconds, then starts from zero machine bending again It

counts all the time

This is an hour timing variable, with the

count of one hour at a time The counting

starts from zero when the cycle start is first


pressed, and continues to the 114534612

hours, then starts from zero again Timer is

updated only angle machine when the cycle start lamp is

turned in (in cycle start mode only)

This variable contains the current date, in the

form of year, month, day (format is


YYYYMMDD) A given date, for example,

December 7, 2005, will be displayed as


This variable indicates current time, in the

form of hours, minutes, seconds (format


HHMMSS) A time, for example, 8:36:17

pm, will be displayed in a 24-hour format

as 203617

Timing an Event

An event may be timed us ing ei ther the #3001 or #3002 sys tem vari ables The fol low ing ex –

am ple does not do very much in prac ti cal terms, but it is de signed in such a way that the ex pected

re sult may be cal cu lated

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 14

Eval u ate the en closed com ments or try at the control to see how the timer works ex actly:


(PART –ONE– USING #3001)

#3001 = 0

Reset to zero (start counting from zero)

G91 G01 X-1000 F2000

Duration of this motion is 30 seconds

X1000 F4000

Duration of this motion is 15 seconds

N999 (THIS MUST BE AN EMPTY BLOCK) An empty block to prevent look-ahead !!!

#101 = #3001

Returns calculation of 45632000 (milliseconds)

#102 = #3001/1000

Returns calculation of punching machine 00045632 (seconds)


Temporary stop to check variables

(PART –TWO– USING #3002)

#103 = #3002

Reset to zero (start counting from zero)

G91 G01 X-1000 F2000

Duration of this motion is 30 seconds

Current axis Included position ABSOT Workpiece offset

set Not included Enabled ABSIO endpoint


#5021 to #5035

Current axis Machine position coordinate ABSMT system Disabled

#5041 to #5055

Current axis Included position ABSOT Workpiece offset

#5061 to #5075

busbar Machine

Skip signal





( 2)


#5081 to #5095

tool offset value

( 3)


Amount of

#5101 to cnc shearing machine #5115


servo position

( 1 )

Each range of variable numbers is for 1 to 15 axes The first number is for the


the second number is for the Y-axis, the third number is for the Z-axis, the fourth

number is for the fourth axis, and so on up to the 15th axis possible

( 2 )

During the execution of the G31 skip function, the range of variables #5061 to


holds the tool position where the skip function is turned on If the skip function is

not turned on, this range of variables holds the end point of the specified block

( 3 )

Note that the tool offset value range of #5081 to #5095 represents the current tool

offset value, rather than the last value

( 4 )

Read operation during a tool movement can be enabled or disabled

In disabled mode, buffering takes place and the expected values cannot be read

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Dur ing CNC ma chin ing Dished Head Punching Machine in AUTO mode, the op er a tor de cides whether and when to use the var i –

ous over rides avail able on the ma chine operation panel Overrides in clude the Feedrate Over ride,

Feedhold, Spin dle Speed Over ride and Sin gle Block With the ex cep tion of the Spin dle Speed Over ride, all other func tions can be con trolled by macro and made ef fec tive or not ef fec tive In ad –

di tion, the macro can also con trol the Ex act Stop angle cutting machine Check mode and some wait code sig nals

Controlling Automatic Operations

Sys tem vari ables #3003, #3004 and #3005 are used to con trol the state of var i ous au to matic op er a tions All these vari ables use a bi nary for mat in dif fer ent com bi na tions (0

stead of an alarm insituations

stead of an alarm insituations that are not wrong, but when the op er a tor should Drilling Machine for Plate be warned or oth –

er wise in formed of an im por tant issue

For ex am ple, the fol low ing pro gram uses ar gu ment D (#7) as clear ance amount:

G65 P8016 D15

Macro call (D = #7 – is clearance amount)

In the macro body, the sys tem vari able #3006 is pro grammed in a for mat sim i lar to the alarm

vari able, but with a different number:

busbar Machine


IF [#7 LT 20] GOTO101

N100 GOTO9999


N9999 M99


When the pro gram mes sage is ac ti vated, the CYCLE START light of the con trol will be turned

off and the mes sage will ap pear on the screen When the CNC op er a tor presses the CYCLE START

but ton again, the part pro gram pro cess ing will con tinue No re set is nec es sary in this case and

there is no need to press the RESET but ton – it will ac tu ally be a coun ter pro duc tive ef fort, as it

would can cel pro gram execution Watch the flow of the macro here – the pro gram may be con –

structed in such a way that the by pass block may not be needed, even if the con di tion is true

Use the mes sage vari able spar Dished Head Punching Machine ingly This is an ex am ple when the pro gram mer is giv ing up cer –

tain con trol over the pro gram and leaves it in the hands of the CNC ma chine op er a tor

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Timers in Macros

In the last sec tion of this chap ter, the topic covers strictly pro gram ma ble tim ers, not tim ers re –

lated to hard ware set tings in the ser vice or main te nance sense There are sev eral sys tem vari ables

avail able on Fanuc con trols re lat ing to timers Ba si Angle Punching cally, these vari ables cover the in for ma tion

about the date and time, and sev eral other op tions for tim ing var i ous events

Time Information

Sys tem vari ables #3001, #3002, #3011, and #3012 re late to the var i ous time data Time in –

for ma tion may be read as well as writ ten

Duration of this motion is 15 seconds

Duration of this motion is 15 seconds

N999 (THIS MUST BE AN EMPTY BLOCK) An empty block to prevent look-ahead !!!

#104 = [#3002-#100]*3600

Returns calculation of 45631993 (seconds)


Temporary stop to check variables


busbar Machine

End of program


Note the blocks N999 and the at tached com ment Since the con trol is in the look-ahead mode, it

cal cu lates the fi nal value pre ma turely The empty block guar an tees ac cu rate cal cu lated value

Dwell as a Macro

Al though the dwell func tion G04 can be used much more ef fi ciently in the ma jor ity of pro –

grams, the dwell may also be pro grammed with a macro, us ing the sys tem vari able #3001 For

ex am ple, G04 P5000 (a five sec ond dwell) is equiv a lent to the fol low ing macro (and its call):


Macro call:

G65 P8018 T5000

T=#20 can be any other local variable (T is in ms)


Macro definition:


#3001 = 0

Set system variable for timer to zero

WHILE[#3001 LE #20] DO1

Loop until #3001 reaches the set delay


Loop end


Macro end


Note that even with the WHILE loop in ef fect, there is no automatic punching machine need to pro gram a coun ter, since the

sys tem vari able #3001 is al ways count ing

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Dur ing ma chin ing, the cut ting tool lo ca tion changes con stantly Look ing at the con trol Po si tion

dis play screen, the cur rent tool lo ca tion can eas ily be viewed at any time There are sev eral ways

of look ing at the displayed data, for ex am ple, the view may show the cur rent ab so lute po si tion of

the tool (from pro gram zero), busbar punching machine or the ma chine po si tion of the tool (from ma chine zero) – they are

just two pos si ble op tions Con trol sys tem keeps track of all po si tion re lated tool copper busbar machine data, called the

axis po si tion in for ma tion They are de scribed in this chap ter

Axis Position Terms

Fanuc uses sev eral ab bre vi a tions that ap pear in the ref er ence man ual They should be fa mil ia

any macro programmer who works with axis positions They make look a bit in timidating

to any macro programmer who works with axis positions They make look a bit in timidating at

first, but are log i cal and easy to get used to These are the four variables that re late to the axis po –

si tion information:





busbar Machine


Programmed endpoint coordinate of the previous block

#5001 – #5015

for the 1st to 15th axis respectively



Machine position – always current machine coordinates

#5021 – #5035

for the 1st to 15th axis respectively



Absolute position – always current angle machine absolute position

#5041 sheet metal cutter – #5055

for the 1st to 15th axis respectively



Position stored during a block skip motion in G31 block

#5061 – #5075

for the 1st to 15th axis respectively

In ad di tion, there are two sets of sys tem vari ables re lat ing to the tool length off set value, and

servo sys tem de vi a tion er ror

The stored Ma chine and Ab so lute co or di nates are the same as dur ing a reg u lar op er a tion of the CNC notching machine ma chine In mac ros, it means we can not reg is ter (store) the cur rent axis po si tion value, un til

the ac tive block has been com pleted This is very use ful in the block skip mode us ing the G31

com mand for prob ing, but may be un de sir able in many other cases The sys tem vari able range of

#5001 to #5015 stores the pro grammed end point (XYZ) of the last block be fore the macro

state ment, even if these co or di nates have not been ac tu ally reached That al lows for ex e cu tion and

cal cu la tions to be done be fore the next block Im proved pro cess ing speed is the re sult

The G31 skip mo tion com mand is de scribed at the end of Chap ter 23


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 15

Position Information

Vari ables #5001 to #5115 are read-only vari ables, and can not be writ ten to

Knowledge Summarization of Hydraulic Pipe

Hydraulic pipe installation is a major installation of hydraulic equipment. The quality of pipeline installation quality is related to the hydraulic system performance is one of the keys.

Angle iron Cutting Shearing Machine

1, pipe design and piping should be based on the hydraulic schematic diagram, the required connection components, hydraulic components, fittings, flange for a holistic consideration.
2, the laying of the pipeline arrangement and direction should be neat and tidy, structured. Horizontal or vertical pipe should be used as far as possible. The non-parallel degree of the horizontal pipe bevel machine should be ≤2 / 1000; the vertical pipe should be ≤2 / 400. The level of detection.
3, parallel or cross-pipe system, there should be more than 10mm gap.
4, the pipeline configuration must be piping, hydraulic valves and other components handling, easy maintenance. Any piece of pipe or component in the system should be free to disassemble as much as possible without affecting the other components.
5, piping must be made when the pipe has a certain rigidity and anti-vibration capability. The pipe support and pipe clamp should be properly configured. Bend the pipe should be in the vicinity of the starting point from the bracket or clamp. The pipe shall not be welded directly to the bracket or pipe clamp.
6, the weight of the pipeline should not be valves, pumps and other hydraulic components and accessories to bear; should not be heavier weight of the pipeline support components.
7, the longer the pipeline must consider effective measures to prevent the temperature changes caused by the expansion and contraction of the pipe.
8, the use of the pipe material must have a clear original basis of the material, the pipe is not allowed for the use of unknown materials.
9, the hydraulic system pipe diameter 50mm below the available cutting wheel cutting machine. Pipe diameter of 50mm above the general should be used mechanical processing methods. Such as cutting with gas, you must use the mechanical processing method to the car to change the formation of the gas cutting part of the car can be welded groove. In addition to the return pipe, the pressure by the pipe does not allow the use of welding machine for plate roller-type cutting cutter cutting. Pipe cutting surface must be smooth, remove burr, oxide, slag and so on. The cut surface and the pipe axis should be perpendicular.
10, a pipe from the multi-section pipe and fittings should be followed by paragraph by paragraph to take over, complete a period, after assembly, and then configure the following paragraph, in order to avoid accumulation of a welding error.
11, in order to reduce the local pressure loss, the pipe sections should avoid the rapid expansion of the cross-section or narrow and sharp bend.
12, and pipe fittings or flange connection pipe must be a straight pipe, that is, this pipe should be the axis line with the pipe joints, the flange axis is parallel to the coincidence. The length of this line segment is greater than or equal to 2 times the diameter.
13, outside diameter of less than 30mm tube can be cold bending method. Pipe diameter of 30 ~ 50mm can be used when the cold bending or hot bending method. Pipe diameter greater than 50mm, the general use of hot bending method.
14, welding hydraulic pipe welders should hold an effective high-pressure pipeline welding certificate.
15, the choice of welding technology: acetylene gas welding is mainly used for general carbon steel pipe wall thickness of less than or equal to 2mm tube. Arc welding is mainly used for carbon steel pipe wall thickness greater than 2mm of the tube. TIG welding of the best use of the tube. For wall thickness greater than 5mm tube should be used argon arc welding base, arc welding filler. If necessary, use a protective gas filling method in the pipe hole.
16, welding rod, flux should be matched with the pipe, the brand must have a clear basis for information, product certification, and in the effective use of period. Electrodes, flux should be used in accordance Straightening Machines  with its product specification before drying, and in the course of the use of dry, on the same day. Welding electrode coating should be no significant loss of cracks and cracks.

angle metal cutting shears

17, hydraulic pipe welding should be used butt welding. Welding should be near the groove and its near 10 ~ 20mm at the surface dirt, oil traces, such as water and rust cleared.
18, pipe and flange welding should be used butt welding flange, can not use plug-in flange.
19, pipe and pipe joints should be welded with butt welding, can not be used in the form of plug-in.
20, pipe and pipe welding should be used butt welding, does not allow the use of plug-in welding form.
21, hydraulic pipe with butt welding, the weld wall must be higher than the pipe 0.3 ~ 0.5mm. Do not allow the phenomenon of concave wall. After welding, re-use the file or portable wheel to the inner wall of the higher level of the weld repair. Remove welding slag, burr, to achieve smooth degree.
22, butt welding seam section should be perpendicular to the pipe centerline.
23, the weld section is not allowed at the corner should also be avoided in the pipe between the two elbow.
24, in the welding pipe, you must first press the installation location spot welding positioning, and then removed to welding, welding and then assembled on the plastic.
25, in the welding process, should prevent wind, rain, snow attack. Pipe welding, the wall thickness of less than or equal to 5mm of the weld, should be at room temperature natural cooling, not forced to use strong winds or water cooling.
26, the weld should be penetration, appearance should be even formation. The weld of the pressure piping shall be inspected by sampling.
27, pipe piping after welding, all pipes should be pre-installed according to their location once. The hydraulic components, valve block, valve frame, pump station connected. The interface should be natural and paste, and can not be strong twisted connection. When loosening the pipe joint or the flange screw, do not allow the center line of the joint surface to have large dislocation, slit or angle. Such as the occurrence of such cases can be used to eliminate roasted plastic.
28, after all the pipes in the pipe clamp and rack welding CNC drilling machine can also be required to pay *.
29, the pipeline in the pipe, welding, pre-installed, once again open for pickling phosphating treatment. Phosphate after pickling the pipeline, to the pipeline through the hot air for quick drying. After drying, as in a few days to re-installed into the system, pipe access to hydraulic oil, generally do not for rust treatment, but should be properly kept. If long-term shelving, need to paint anti-rust coating, you must phosphating treatment 48 hours before painting. It should be noted that the antirust paint must be compatible with the cleaning fluid or the hydraulic fluid used for subsequent pipe cleaning.
30, the pipeline in the pickling, phosphating, drying again before installation, the need for a root wall of each pipe to conduct a pre-cleaning. After the pre-cleaning should be re-installed as soon as possible into the system machine cnc, the system’s overall cycle of purification, until the system design requirements to meet the cleanliness level.
31, the application of the hose is limited to the following occasions:
—- Between mobile devices
—- Easy to replace the replacement parts
– Suppresses transmission of mechanical vibration or noise
32, the installation of the hose must be careful not to make the hose and joints caused by additional force, distortion, sharp bending, friction and other undesirable conditions.
33, hose into the system before the cavity and joints should also be cleaned.

How to improve the laser cutting rate?

Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, can greatly reduce the processing time, low processing costs cnc machining china, improve the quality of the workpiece. In order to further increase the laser cutting rate, according to the atmospheric dynamics, under the conditions of increasing the nozzle pressure does not occur positive shock wave, imagine the production of a scaled nozzle, that Laval (Laval) nozzle. To facilitate the production of the layout can be used. The laser core of the University of Hannover, Germany, uses a 500 W CO2 laser with a lens focal length of 2.5 °. The experiments were performed using a small orifice nozzle and a Laval nozzle. Respectively, suggesting that NO2, NO4, NO5 nozzles in the different oxygen pressure, the rough outline roughness Rz and cutting rate Vc as a function of the relationship. It can be seen from the NO2 nozzle in the Pn 400Kpa (or 4bar) when the cutting rate can only reach 2.75m / min (carbon steel plate thickness of 2mm). NO4, NO5 two Laval nozzle in the Pn 500Kpa to 600Kpa when the cutting rate can reach 3.5m / min and 5.5m / min. It should be noted that the cutting pressure Pc is still a function of the distance of the workpiece from the nozzle Welding Roller Stand.


Technical knowledge Because the oblique shock waves in the airflow of the multiple reflection best mill drill, the cutting pressure was cyclical changes. The first high cutting pressure zone is close to the nozzle outlet, the distance from the workpiece profile to the nozzle outlet is about 0 busbar machines.5-1.5mm, and the cutting pressure Pc is large and constant. It is the commonly used process parameter in the industry. The second high-cutting pressure zone is about 3 to 3.5 mm at the nozzle outlet, and the cutting pressure Pc is also large. As a result, good results are obtained, and the protection lens is improved and the service life thereof is improved. Other high-pressure cutting areas on the curve are too far away from the nozzle exit and are difficult to match with the focusing beam. In summary, CO2 laser cutting machine technology is China’s industrial production in more and more use, foreign research is to develop a higher cutting speed and thicker plate cutting technology and installation.

the professional punch equipment manufacturers cnc drilling machine for sale

Shenzhen metal punch, sheet metal presses, Shenzhen punch technology IPM company is a well-known domestic professional research and manufacture all kinds of presses busbar bending cutting punching machine, Shenzhen metal punch, such as the key enterprises, is the professional punch equipment manufacturers cnc drilling machine for sale, production has a long history of strong technical force, sheet metal sheet metal punch on the technical standards for Product designers to provide the company’s general design requirements, but also for quality inspectors to provide the basis for inspection and determination, but also as a supplier of product processing standards busbar bender. Shenzhen punch on the technology, please enter:

Fault Analysis and Elimination Method of Hydraulic Fault Analysis and Elimination Method of Hydraulic

Fault Analysis and Elimination Method of Hydraulic Fault Analysis and Elimination Method of Hydraulic In this case, (1), the precise direction of rotation of the press is opposite to the predetermined direction Failure reason for the oil plate mounted anti, can be removed with oil pan, remove and rotate 180. After reloading. In this case, (2) speed down, not functioning properly, the output torque decreases ① system failure. Check the system and exclude. ② Check the connection between the parts of the seal; check the hydraulic oil Mongolia and working oil temperature; the wear and tear of the pair of sports custom processing machine. ③ large motor leakage: check with the oil disc seal ring surface wear; check the wear-resistant oil pan CNC marking line, the two oil chamber access to the casting port channel is collusion. In this case, (3) The motor does not turn and the pressure does not increase ① system failure steel drilling machine. Check the system and exclude. ② double-headed key broken. Remove the oil pan, oil pan, replacement parts. ③ motor inside a sports vice bite each other. Open inspection, replacement parts. ④ The load exceeds the set value. Open inspection, replacement parts.

forging press, co-forging press angle machine

Zhejiang forging press, co-forging press angle machine, punch leading enterprises (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment, as well as a full set of physical and chemical facilities busbar bending machine, and other advanced quality control methods, to achieve the purpose of the production of high-precision punching machine, The ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering. Forging press is divided into: roll forging press forging, mechanical pressure forging press, squeezing forging presses hydraulic busbar punching machine, spiral forging presses, and so on. Roll forging presses can be used to produce connecting rods, twist drills, wrenches, spikes, hoes, picks and turbine blades.

Roll forging process using the principle of rolling forming gradually rough deformation, compared with ordinary die forging, with a simple structure of the equipment, production of smooth, low vibration and noise, easy to automate, high production efficiency. IPM produced by the punch of good quality, good service, the industry has become a leader in punch.

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